Monday, November 24, 2008

Pumpkin collecting at Rock Creek Farms

Dakota with his braces

Nick, Hailey, Dakota Brittney, Zak, Richie, and Kelsi at Casa Bonita October 2008

Dakota ta Casa Bonita

Dakota and Zak at Pumpkin Patch

Dwayne and Hailey

Zachery and Dakota enjoying the very nice day at the Pumpkin Patch.

Dwayne about to break a rotten pumpkin over Rich's head. ha ha ha
Dwayne ended up getting pumpkin guts on Daniel instead. Daniel doesn't need an excuse to take his shirt off anywhere but this time Dwayne gave him one.

Best friends!!

Halloween 2008

Dwayne and Jamey at Tina and Rob's party. Dwayne went as a headless guy and Jamey was a ceiling fan. Get it ceiling fan...rah rah rah!!

Dakota as alittle red headed girl. Really creepy!!

Zak as a dead guy

Dakota as a skeloton

Dakota with a double yolk egg from our chickens.

First skiing in early October.

Zachery blue eyes!!

Collecting chicken eggs with Dakota, Cameron and Calli. The kids came out to visit in October. We had a blast with them and hope they can visit again soon!!

This is Paul our Rooster that is the clumsiest animal I've ever seen.

These ladies are Einstien and Hawk 1 and Hawk 2. Light Brahma and two aracaunas. The Aracaunas lay blue/gren eggs

Getting caught up.

Zacherys first Football Season!! He ended up being the quarter back for the 7th grade team and fill in for the 8th graders. He really caught onto the game fast. His coach said he is one of the most talented athletes he knows. Here are two of his friends Jeremy and Sammy.

This picture is the team huddled awaiting for the play from Zak.

The kids enjoying the wagon at Barber Ponds for Grandpa's Birthday 2008

Shane with a crazy snake.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Catching up from the Holidays

So this year I did thigs different. Not the usual traditions because I wanted to have more memories of the fun thins rather than fighting with everyone to do the same things we do every year. So I do not have all the pics I usually have. I guess there more up in our heads. We made lots of cookies and I have to say Dakota is the most dedicated baker I know. He stays from start to finish. ( minus the cleaning up)! We made chocolate suckers and chocolate covered pretzels. My favorite. Nick and Zak made rosettes. Joe was usually at work or at a friends house so he didn't help much. Grandma Sue came over one day to make pazzells, sugar, and ??? cookies. Christmas Eve we went to Grandma-pa H. house with Bet and Larry, Dwayne, Janine, Hailey Jamey and Christy and gang, and Randy. Colin Christy's brother came also. Bet got me so I got a $50 gift card to Joanns that I bought some organizers with. Shane got holing hands mittins and gift card to eat. Joe got a card to Zumies from Jamey and the boys got movies from Bet and Larry. Jamey and Christy got them a gift card to go to the movies and 10 to go to Sonic. Dakota saw Santa at Walmart and asked for a Wii but Santa said that was a mighty high gift and he thought it would be too hard to get one for him. ha ha Good thing Daniel and Dwayne came through! Gma-pa H. followed with Guitar Hero and we got them Mario Galaxy. Santa ended up bringing the Hockey set that the boys saw when I had a flat tire in the Expidition so we hurried into the truck to make their Dentist apt. The surprise was ruined. We had been hidding the gifts so the boys wouldn't see them. Oh well every thing was so much fun. We opened presents without Joe this year because he had to work at 6 am and wouldn't be off until 3pm. We went to Gma Marcia's for bereakfast opened presents from Steve. He gave me a bamboo something photo album and Shane got a checkers game with a gift card to Garts. Dakota got clothes, Nick got a sleevless jacket and Zak got a camera. Joe later opend his present from Heather . A gift card to best buy and a t-shirt. The Grange was cancelled while we were at Gma Marcias so we had extra time to try out the Wii. We went to my Parents to open presents where Daniel gave gift cards for fishing lisences and so did my parents. I got a shirt and jeans, Shane got jeans and crodad pots, Zak got Yatzee, Dakota got a talking piguin, Joe jeans and Nick got ?????

Sunday, December 9, 2007

It's one of our favorite times of the year!! Cluttering up our house more than we can imagine. We cut our tree down earlier than usual this year. Dec. 2,2007. That's got to be a record but we didn't get to decorating until today. Joe helped start it out and had to get to work but Zak arrived from a friends sleep over just in time to finish up. Seems like we can never get all of the boys doing an activity with someone needing to be somewhere else. Joe missed out on the adventure of getting the tree this year. Dakota has been so excited this year about the whole Christmas thing not sure if he should believe in Santa or not. I think he believes with me so I will still cover Santa presents. Here are some pictures from Thanksgiving and December pics. Dakota wanted to celebrate his Eighth birthday on Thanksgiving this year. His birthday has been on the day but this year it wasn't until Tuesday. We really wanted to seperate the two parties this year but he was very persistant. Next year his birthday

will fall on Thanksgiving again. Maybe thats what he wished when he blew out the candles. He he!! Dwayne and Daniel couldn't mak eit this year so maybe they will come next year.